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You’re reading this on the internet–a computer, a tablet, a smartphone–so we know you use technology.

You’ve found us somehow, so we know you’re curious–and aren’t afraid of challenges.

Maybe you’re looking for ways to keep your brain healthy at every stage of life.

Maybe you’re concerned about developing some form of dementia and want to know what you can do to reduce that likelihood.

Maybe you’re taking care of someone with Alzheimers Disease.

You are a seeker of information and help…and hope too, we would guess.

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About 20 years ago we became caregivers for the first of several close family members who lost the ability to live independently. One lived with us for the last years of her life. Others lived in senior residences and nursing homes. We learned at first hand what that’s like from both sides.

We began learning and applying research on brain health to our own daily lives. We are active in many professional organizations for successful aging. We have developed interactive educational workshops such as “Music is Brain Food,” for lifelong learning programs. ¬†We are focused on long-term protection of the mind and prevention of its deterioration. Our approach is holistic and creative. We are excited to share our discoveries with you here.

The Ageless Mind Project has a mission: to keep developing¬†effective ways to feel alert, vigorous, happy, and engaged–to be ageless in the best sense of the word. The Project will constantly evolve as new research in fields from positive psychology to the creative arts becomes available.

On this website you will learn about innovative approaches to aging. You will be guided to explore brave new worlds online that offer unique opportunities to meet people like yourselves, who are also interested in building healthy habits and making smart choices in how they live. Like you, they seek out challenges.


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Tapping Into Your Good Energy To Reduce Anxiety


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Visualizations and guided imagery are time-honored ways to do forms of meditation that work for many people in many situations. But as I said before, we’re not all alike, and even for ourselves it pays to have a treasure box full of different techniques to call on when we’re stressed.

I thought about that this morning as I sat in the dentist chair and had my gums gouged and teeth scraped, all in the name of keeping as many in my head as possible for as long as possible.

Using Guided Imagery to Reduce Anxiety


Posted by admin | Posted in Your Brain | Posted on 16-09-2007

I was talking to a friend the other day and was reminded of the importance of learning a number of different ways to harness normal anxiety.

She was recalling a major operation she underwent a few years ago. To prepare for it, she explored Eastern and Western methods for decreasing anxiety. She was surprised to find how much they helped her through that difficult time. She still uses techniques she learned then, when other stresses come up in her life now, ranging from work pressures to family conflicts.

You don’t have to be faced with an operation or serious illness to experience debilitating anxiety. Many stresses in our lives–good as well as bad stresses, I should point out–arouse the feeling.

Coaching Central


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If you could do anything you wanted, do you know what you would choose?

Many people don’t. They know they want some kind of change in their lives. They’re tired of the same-old same-old. But when I ask them what they want, they often can’t tell me. As someone said recently, ruefully, “However, I can tell you what I don’t want to do.”